With an episode partially finished filming, cool TV crime drama The Blacklist had to halt production due to coronavirus restrictions.

Rather than leaving us hanging though, the people behind the show put on their thinking caps and came up with a solution – animation!

So, the 19th and now final episode (there were supposed to be 22) of the seventh series will be a combination of already filmed live action and graphic novel-styled animation.

It isn’t as massive a stretch as you may think, with a series of The Blacklist graphic novels already out there.

For this episode, key actors such as James Spader and Megan Boone recorded dialogue at home, while animators also did their stuff in isolation.

Our final encounter with Raymond Reddington for the year is set to air in the US later this week.

By the way, fans of The Blacklist will be pleased to know that an eighth season has been ordered. Hopefully they’ll be able to get to filming sooner rather than later.

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