The 1992 slasher Candyman creeped more than its fair share of viewers out, so is it ready for another assault on cinemagoers’ psyches?

According to Hollywood – surprise, surprise – yes it is!

Still, before we get all indignant about rampant remakes (especially in the horror genre), there’s an extra piece of infromation attached to news of a possible Candyman return that makes the idea worthwhile – Get Out creator Jordan Peele is said to be into doing it. The wonderfully-named Bloody Disgusting brings us the news that he may produce and also possibly direct.

Depending upon how you look at it, Get Out wasn’t an out-and-out horror flick, but it proved that Peele knows his creepy. So, the prospect of him tackling a new take on Clive Barker’s tale is rather exciting.

So, do you think Candyman could hook you in again? Here’s a reminder of the original…

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