Set before The Conjuring and Annabelle is scaremonger James Wan’s The Nun – and they’re really going for the jump scares with the promo campaign.

The tale revolves around the investigation of a suicide by a young nun in Romania, a priest with a haunted past and a an unholy secret. Oh yeah, there’s also the matter of a demonic nun to contend with.

So, a creepy story requires creepy advertising, and these two spots fit the bill. The first is a straight up click-if-you-want-to affair, but the second one is causing some consternation as it’s more of a surprise hit, popping up as an ad before whatever it is that you actually wanted to watch.

We think they’re both a little tame, but then after absorbing so many horror flicks over the years we may just be inured to jump scares by now. How about you?

The Nun is set to inhabit Aussie cinemas from September 6.