Batman baddie The Penguin is set to get his own TV series, from The Batman reboot movie creator Matt Reeves.

According to Deadline, the series is set to be “Scarface-like”, plotting the rise of Oswald Cobblebot as the stumpy villain.

Of course, Cobblepot received quite a bit of attention along similar lines with Robin Lord Taylor in Gotham, but this time it’ll be all about The Penguin.

Colin Farrell plays the character in The Batman – believe it or not that’s him above – and it’s believed that he may waddle on board to star in the series as well.

It’s the second in-development series to be spawned by the upcoming movie, and set within its universe. The other one is yet to be titled – or at least they haven’t announced it to the big wide world.

The Batman is expected in cinemas in March 2022. Here’s a really old teaser- come on guys, hurry up with a new one, yeah? (We’ll likely get one at this year’s DC Fandome on October 16).

Batman at JB Hi-Fi.