A new Pink Panther movie is coming, and it’s set to combine animation and the real world in one big, mysterious package.

While the animated PP – which had its own spinoff cartoon series – only appeared in the credits of the classic Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers movies about the bumbling but somehow successful Chief Inspector Clouseau, the plan is for the two to meet in this new take.

Much like the cool series Happy, the Pink Panther will be Clouseau’s imaginary friend, who helps him solve cases. Hmm. At least they’re remaining somewhat faithful to the character and not having it speak.

The news comes via THR, who also report that Chris Bremner, who co-wrote Bad Boys for Life, has been hired for the project, as has no stranger to the real world/animation collision in Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler.

You’ll note that we didn’t mention the Steve Martin PP films. As much as we love Mr Martin, there’s a reason for that…