If you’ve watched the magnificent Soul over and over and need more new Pixar, then they’re set to deliver – in bite-sized chunks.

Pixar Popcorn is a series of ten new shorts, featuring Pixar characters that we all know and love.

The trailer below divulges titles – and shows scenes from – nine of the ten shorts, which are:

Dancing with the Cars (Cars, kind of obviously we guess)
Unparalleled Parking (Cars, we think)
Soul of the City (Soul)
Cookie Num Num (The Incredibles)
Chore Day the Incredibles Way (The Incredibles)
Dory Finding (We’ll let you guess that one…)
A Day in the Life of the Dead (Coco)
To Fitness and Beyond (Toy Story)
Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny (as above)

The brief snippets shown look like fun, so roll on January 22 when they’ll be unleashed.

Pixar at JB Hi-Fi.