Well that’s a convoluted headline, but yes, finally, Rhys Ifans’s Rasputin from the upcoming The King’s Man gets to strut his stuff to his theme song.

One of the greatest guilty pleasure discofied bangers ever, at least as far as our ears are concerned, Boney M‘s absolute classic is mashed up to the nth degree in a new promo clip, but it’s still a blast. Check it out:

Meanwhile, a “final” trailer for The King’s Man has also arrived, countering Boney M with a rocking hunk of Acca Dacca. We’ve lost count of just how many trailers this flick has had so far, and reckon if you got a scalpel and chopped up all the unique bits then reassembled them you’d be watching half of the movie.

Ah, but The King’s Man finally arrives in Aussie cinemas on January 6, 2022, so hopefully it really is the last preview that we’ll see… Here goes:

Kingsman at JB Hi-Fi.