Edgar Wright’s a busy bloke, and he’s now added a remake of the Stephen King – erm Richard Bachman – tale The Running Man to his plate.

While the ’80s classic starring Arnie was only loosely based on the story, Wright’s take will adhere more closely to the book, according to Deadline.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, The Running Man is set is a dystopian future where people can earn a fortune on a gameshow – or lose their lives.

As well as this, Wright has recently completed a documentary on enduring cult band Sparks (check it out here), his Last Night in Soho is set to release in April, he’s signed up to do an adaptation of the book Set My Heart to Five by Simon Stephenson, he’s slated to direct an adaptation of the 2019 novel The Chain by Adrian McKinty, plus his production company is set to remake some classic crime thrillers for Netflix – and there’s word of a sequel to Baby Driver. He’s swamped!

The Running Man at JB Hi-Fi.