The latest episode of The Simpsons sees Lisa becoming a fan of The Smith- erm, The Snuffs, and gaining Benedict Cumberbatch as an imaginary friend.

Except Benedict isn’t playing himself, rather a somewhat Morrissey-esque character named Quilloughby – “a depressed British singer from the 1980s” – in the episode entitled Panic on the Streets of Springfield.

The writer of the episode, Tim Long, reckons that the character isn’t supposed to be Morrissey, despite references to such songs as How Late Is Then, What Difference Do I Make? and Hamburger Is Homicide. We’re not sure that we believe him…

Meanwhile, the episode will feature songs co-written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords.

The Simpsons at JB Hi-Fi – and The Smiths.