James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad has received an R18+ rating from the Australian Classification board.

The Suicide Squad is the first DC film and wide release superhero blockbuster to receive the restricted classification, for High Impact Violence, which limits the cinema audience to those over 18 years.

Not surprisingly, distributor Universal Pictures has appealed the decision and the Classification board will meet again to review the rating on June 19. It’s likely that the rating will be downgraded to the more box office friendly MA15+, although whether this will require cuts to the film remains to be seen.

With Mortal Kombat recently released to cinemas with an R18+, it’s possible (although unlikely) that The Suicide Squad could follow suit. If not, the R18+ version will undoubtedly be made available on home entertainment formats later this year.

The Suicide Squad opens in cinemas on August 5.