Back in 2005 there was a Bewitched movie that, well, wasn’t very good. It was a clever-clever thing that ignored much of what made the original series so wonderful.

So, with the ever-shallower pool of Hollywood creativity, and in the wake of the success of WandaVision, somebody has decided to do a more faithful movie take on Bewitched.

The original series, which had many Aussie kids desperately trying to twitch their noses to make magic happen (it wasn’t just us, right…?) told the story of Samantha, a good witch who married an advertising executive and tried to live a normal life. This was a little hard, however, due to her meddling witchy family… and then the couple had a magical daughter.

So, Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures have employed writers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, who worked on MacGyver and the TV take on 12 Monkeys, to pen a movie script that’s based on the original show’s story, not the behind the scenes goings-on.

Hopefully this time they’ll manage to twitch their noses.

Just for fun – and memories – here’s a snippet of the ’60s original:

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