There’s no denying that real world disasters are horrific. But playing pretendsies with disaster movies? Bring ’em on! Geostorm will heed this call on October 19, and as far as disaster flicks go, it looks huge.

In the near future, climate change has ravaged Earth, with humanity’s very survival at stake. So, in a rare outbreak of sense the world’s government’s manage to be civil long enough to sanction and subsequently create a net of satellites to surround the planet. These basically act like a gigantic split-system unit, using geoengineering tech to foil natural disasters. It works fine for a couple of years, but then it starts going horribly wrong. We’re guessing that the warranty expired…

So, Gerard Butler is tasked with shooting into space to fix things before the Earth goes full icy pole in a massive geostorm. Hmm, we sure hope that he read the manual.

Starring alongside Butler are the likes of Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Daniel Wu. The whole shebang has been written by Independence Day (both of them) guy Dean Devlin, who also takes to the directorial chair for this one.

This will be one to really crank up the surround sound on when it hits home. We gave you a tease back in March, now here’s a bigger taste of Geostorm

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