Tom Cruise is well known as a complete nutcas- erm, somebody who really goes all out to keep stunts real. Now he’s apparently learning how to fly fighter jets for Top Gun: Maverick.

This one probably isn’t too much of a stretch, as he already has his pilot’s licence. However, there’s just one big issue – civilians apparently aren’t allowed to fly US government-owned aircraft.

Danger zone denied!

Still, as we see it there are two ways around this. Either the production buys their own fighter jet(s), or Tom Cruise could enlist in the US Air Force. For anybody else maybe, but in the case of Cruise we wouldn’t dismiss either idea as complete folly.

Paramount have released a statement declaring that he won’t actually be flinging real fighter jets about the skies, but will be piloting “certain aircraft”. This could range anywhere from an airliner to a paper plane, but whatever they are the scenes are sure to be spectacular.

The release of Top Gun: Maverick has been pushed back, and is now expected to come out in Australia on June 25, 2020.

Now… Oh my god, they embedded Kenny!

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