Even the seemingly impervious Spider-Man can get hurt, it seems, as Tom Holland has broken his nose – for a third time. Ow!

The British star first sent his schnozz into crookedville when working on The Lost City of Z. He was trying to prove to director James Gray that he could do a backflip.

The next time more than his spider senses tingled was back in August at the start of shooting Chaos Walking, his upcoming Doug Liman-directed sci-fi flick, which also stars Daisy Ridley.

Now, just months later his beak has copped another break, apparently at the end of shooting Chaos Walking (not Avengers 4, as some believe)…

Tom Holland broken nose #3. Possibly filming Avengers 4?? (Insta Story) from marvelstudios

Reports that he’s keen to do a reboot of Rocky are completely made up by us at this time. Heal soon, Tom!

Meanwhile, here’s some footage of Tom – as Spider-Man – being nice to a bunch of kids who are stuck in hospital…

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