Tommy Wiseau – mysterious writer, director, producer and star of The Room – has recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. 

The Room – the ‘best worst movie ever made’ – starred Tommy Wiseau as Johnny and his best friend Greg Sestero as Mark. The circumstances surrounding the making of the film were strange to say the least, and the movie has now garnered a cult following around the world.

Greg wrote a book detailing his experiences on the set and what it was like to know Tommy – The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made – which has now been made into a film by James Franco and his brother Dave.

Tommy has an interesting accent, but to this day has claimed that he is from New Orleans. However, in his appearance alongside Franco on Jimmy Kimmel promoting the new film, he has revealed – albeit vaguely – where he’s really from. All pieces of the puzzle, we guess.

Take a look: