With his insane stunts in the Mission: Impossible movies we’re sure that Tom Cruise’s death wish gets bigger the older that he gets, which may explain why he’s finally brushed the cobwebs off the Top Gun franchise some 32 years after the original.

Considering how much time that has passed, we don’t think it’s too spoilerrific to say that his partner Goose in the Tomcat flingin’ ’80s flyboy smash kind of got cooked in the original film. So, Maverick is going to need a new partner.

Enter… son of Goose!

Miles Teller

The key role has now been cast, according to Variety, with Miles Teller stepping into the role. He’ll likely be experiencing an entirely new type of Whiplash in this one, as he joins Cruise and Val ‘Iceman’ Kilmer as they once again feel the need, the need for speed in this tale of drone warfare and the end of the dogfighting era.

Top Gun: Maverick is expected to hit Australian cinemas on July 11, 2019.

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