Possibly Pixar’s most beloved franchise, and the one that really started it all for them – as well as computer animated movies generally – is set to hit 4K Ultra HD soon.

We have confirmed with Disney that each of the first trio of Toy Story movies are set for an Australian 4K release on June 5 – golly bob howdy!

That’s about it for details currently, and with the recent release of The Little Mermaid as a single disc, extras-free affair, we don’t even know whether we’ll get a standard Blu-ray with bonus features or not.

But we are set to get Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 on 4K disc, hopefully with new Dolby Atmos sound mixes, as per other Disney back catalogue animated releases.

Toy Story 4 is, of course on the horizon, set to arrive in Australian cinemas on June 20. These 4K releases will be a great way to refresh our memories of the series before then.

Stay tuned to STACK for updates on this very exciting news.