Back in the ’00s, a friend travelled to the States and brought us back an UglyDolls plushie, which we cherish. She also lost her ATM card in Intercourse – but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, we never gave much thought to UglyDolls beyond our fab little brown number, until now when we’ve discovered that they’ve been turned into an all-singing, all-dancing movie.

UglyDolls - Jeero

Our fab little brown number, AKA Jeero.

The idea behind them is brilliant, with the Uglyverse definition of “ugly” being “unique and special, something that we should be celebrating, something that makes us different, and never hiding the “twists or turns” which make us who we are, both inside and out.”

As such, the forthcoming animated adventure sees the UglyDolls confronting what it means to be different, struggling with desires to be loved, and ultimately discovering that who you truly are is what matters most. We’re used to messages in kids movies by now, but this one is much more vital than many of the others that they’re peddled by the likes of the dreaded Emoji Movie.

Being a musical, casting is critical, and this one delivers with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monáe, Wanda Sykes, Pitbull, Emma Roberts, Gabriel Iglesias, Blake Shelton and Leehom Wang all getting their unique plushie thing on.

The very pretty-looking UglyDolls movie is currently heading to Aussie cinemas June 27, 2019