The Disaster Artist (the book) author and star of The Room Greg Sestero has a new movie coming out, starring him and old mate Tommy Wiseau. Well, actually it’s two movies.

Best F(r)iends (while it looks fine on paper (or screen), we’re not sure how you’d actually say that without it just sounding like “Best Friends… “Best F-bracket-R-bracket iends” is a tad ungainly) is split in two halves, with brief US cinematic showings due in March/April and June, respectively.

According to the official synopsis, it’s based upon a series of “true-to-life anecdotes, sourced from Greg and Tommy’s two decades of shared experiences”, and “a unique, two-volume cinematic saga that interweaves mystery, intrigue, and more than a few dark laughs into the long-awaited reunion of The Room‘s cult icons. Step into this surrealist tale and learn a lesson about friendship and loyalty.”

Yeah, our curiosity is piqued.

Anyway, here’s a trailer…

Plus, as a bonus, here’s a one-minute clip from Best F(r)iends, with Tommy being, well, Tommy…

Meanwhile, The Disaster Artist releases on DVD and Blu-ray on March 28.

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