The on again, off again, on again, off again – and we could keep going – Uncharted movie seems to be very much on again.

As reported a while back, Tom Holland has signed on to step into the adventuring shoes of Nathan Drake. Of course, when talk first arose of a movie coming of the PlayStation-exclusive series, Nathan Fillion would have – and should have – been the perfect casting choice, but that was something like a decade ago.

Anyway, appearing alongside Tom will be a bloke who was also once in talks to star as Drake, Mark Wahlberg. Now, however, he’s grizzled-looking enough to take on the role of Drake’s mentor/father figure Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan – according to Variety. Mind you, this is set to be a prequel to Drake’s treasure-hunting days that we played through on various PlayStation formats, so he won’t have to look too grizzly.

Travis Knight is the latest director to take the reins, and hopefully he’ll have better luck than David O Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy and Dan Trachtenberg, all of whom were once set to call the shots on the Uncharted flick.

Uncharted is currently slated for a Christmas 2020 release.