Valiant Comics character Bloodshot is set to come alive in a movie of the same name – and looking an awful lot like Vin Diesel.

His character, aka Ray Garrison (no relation to South Park‘s former teacher turned US president), is a former soldier who, thanks to corporate meddling types, has powers of regeneration and “meta-morphing” that have been made possible through the injection of nanites into his blood.

Basically, he’s now near-impossible to kill. Blow away his face – as we see in a rather gruesome scene in the first trailer, below – and it will just come right back again. The problem is that the company has control over his memories, too, so Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s implanted.

All we know is that we wouldn’t want to annoy the bloke. Actually, we wouldn’t want to annoy Vin Diesel either – but we look forward to watching him in what looks to be a wonderfully big and dumb action flick when Bloodshot hits Aussie cinemas on February 20, 2020.

*GRUESOME WARNING – as mentioned above, there is a face being blown off in this trailer*