While we await the likelihood of another entry in the Saw movie franchise (“Final”? Sure…), comes news of a new Saw experience that’s hit Las Vegas.

‘Escape rooms’ – where you’re plopped into a place that’s themed to something that you’d want to get the heck out of with just your wits (and scripting) to allow you to free yourself – are a big thing, so this Saw one is sure to be popular. If you’re into creeping yourself out, of course.

We’ll let the promotional blurb do the selling here: “‘The Official Saw Escape’ is an immersive, multi-room (progressive) escape experience that brings to life twisted games inspired by the blockbuster Saw film franchise. Guests enter the historic Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant for an after-hours tour, only to find they are players in an elaborate game devised by the infamous Jigsaw killer and his disciples. By working together to combat their fears, venture far out of their comfort zones, and solve intricate puzzles, guests have the opportunity to win their freedom as they traverse the twists and turns of an entire factory of Jigsaw’s games – one of the largest escape experiences in the world.”

So there you go, something new to add to your Vegas “to-do” list – Celine, gamble, quickie wedding by an Elvis impersonator (the dodgier the better), The Official Saw Escape!

Get a glimpse of it below – and is it just us, or does Billy the Puppet here sound like Liam Neeson?

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