Vox pop – latest trailer hits for Portman’s Vox Lux

Another look at Natalie Portman’s latest flick, Vox Lux, has popped up.

The film sees her stepping into the sparkly shoes of a pop star whose career is on the decline, but it’s not all about Nat though. Vox Lux begins in 1999, when a teenaged version of her character Celeste and her sister survive a “seismic, violent tragedy”, and sing a song about it.

We eventually flash forward to a grown up Celeste (Portman), whose successful pop career is faltering – and then another potentially life-changing event happens.

Making everything even more interesting is a score from the legendary Scott Walker, and songs written by Sia.

Also starring Jude Law, Willem Dafoe and Jennifer Ehle, we still don’t have a confirmed Australian release date for Vox Lux as yet.

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