Aardman’s classic twosome Wallace & Gromit are finally set to make a return, but this time they’ll be doing it in augmented reality, with our help.

Well, when we say “our” we don’t mean STACK‘s teaming up with the plasticine pair, although that would be really cool, but rather the public in general.

A teaser has been released – you can view it below – that explains nothing at all about it. Luckily a handy website does:

“Combining the latest in augmented and mixed reality, Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up, is an all new epic adventure where users will be able to experience and interact with the story as it unfolds over time. Later this year, join Wallace and his faithful hound as their latest business venture, Spick & Spanners, takes on the contract of a lifetime: to ‘Fix Up’ Bristol. Fans will be invited to download a free app and play along at home, as an employee, and for the first time ever, be able to step directly into the world of Wallace & Gromit.”

The whole shebang is set to kick off in our spring, so sometime around September-ish. Until then, more cheese, please!

Wallace & Gromit at JB Hi-Fi.