Wes Anderson’s next potential masterpiece is the stop-motion animated tale Isle of Dogs.

It will tell the tale of 12-year-old Megasaki City kid Atari Kobayashi, who’s the ward of corrupt city official Mayor Kobayashi. When dog flu breaks out, the Mayor exiles all canine pets to a massive rubbish dump called Trash Island. Sad and missing his friend, protector and pup Spots, Atari sets out to find his beloved pooch, befriending a bunch of doggo heroes along the way.

Seriously, the trailer looks magnificent and, of course, being a Wes Anderson movie the list of cast members for Isle of Dogs is ultra-impressive. It features the voices of Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, Liev Schreiber, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Harvey Keitel, Fisher Stevens, Courtney B. Vance, F. Murray Abraham, Ken Watanabe, Yoko Ono and, of course, Bill Murray.

We can queue up to see Isle of Dogs at Australian cinemas from April 12, 2018.

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