We’re going to see Jason Momoa as a vampire and Peter Dinklage as his hunter in the upcoming Good, Bad & Undead.

According to Deadline, the action adventure movie is based on an original idea by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who have previously penned everything from Freddy vs. Jason to the Baywatch movie. An indie guy who’s so hot right now, Max Barbakow, will direct.

Former Game of Thrones star Dinklage is set to play the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing. He develops an uneasy partnership with a vampire played by Momoa, who’s taken a vow to never kill again, whereby they travel about scamming various towns for money. All goes well until a significant price is put on the vampire’s head…

Apparently those behind Good, Bad & Undead are summing it up as “Midnight Run in a Bram Stoker world”, which we can totally get behind.