Jenny Slate’s internet sensation Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is set to go big screen, and deliver to the world a much needed dose of sweetness.

If you’ve somehow missed it, Marcel is a one-eyed shell with, well, shoes on. Here’s the original short, which has had 32 million-plus views (and counting):

Blurring some sort of line between fact and fiction as a stop-motion animated mockumentary, the movie is set to tell of Marcel’s quest to find the rest of his family, which is aided by the documentary videos made by Dean Fleischer-Camp, the film’s actual director (and Marcel’s co-creator), going viral. Slate reprises her role as the voice of the star of the show, while Isabella Rossellini provides the voice of his grandmother, Connie.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is currently set for a June cinematic release. Here’s the trailer – seriously, this is so heartwarmingly cute that we can forgive the Phil Collins soundtrack: