When Alex Winter, AKA Bill, got the news, he succinctly replied “All we are…” Yes, the Circle K at which he and Ted “Theodore” Logan first set off on their excellent adventures has closed for good.

Strange things will no longer be afoot there.

The store, in Tempe, Arizona, was proud of the part that it played in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, featuring memorabilia from the much-loved comedy/sci-fi classic inside. However, holding such an important place in the history of life, the universe, everything and movie goodness just wasn’t enough to save the store from corporate-driven closure.

At least they went out with a bang, as reported by Phoenix New Times, with two car park showings of the film on the night of the store’s final closure that attracted oodles of fans.

A pre-recorded message from Winters was shown before the screenings, in which he said:

“I sure wish I could be there but, you know, I don’t think the phone booth is going to drop from the sky and land in this parking lot, sadly. All things must pass, and off the Circle K goes into the sunset, and with that, I hope you enjoy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

Yes, all we are – and that seemingly includes convenience stores – is dust in the wind. Dude.

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