Fans of ’80s sitcoms will surely remember Who’s the Boss?, which ran from ’84 to 1992. Now, like many other properties, it’s set for a reboot.

The original starred Tony Danza (hey, didn’t Elton John sing a song about him?) and Alyssa Milano, and they’re both set to return in their original roles as Tony and Samantha Micelli for this reopening of a house on memory lane.

According to Deadline the rebooted property, which has been worked on for the past couple of years, has found a home, and is entering a development phase. It’s being overseen by Mike Royce, who also worked on One Day at a Time and Everybody Loves Raymond.

This one will be set 30 years after the original, focussing on the father/daughter relationship as Sam does the single mother thing. Obviously family dynamics and attitudes have changed quite a bit since 1984, and this is apparently set to be reflected in the new series.

Here’s a trip down that memory lane that we mentioned: