One of only a handful of people who can legitimately claim “I’m Batman”, Will Arnett’s next family-friendly frolic is Show Dogs.

Some may argue that there just aren’t enough talking dog movies out in the big wide world, so this one’s for them.

Looking vaguely akin to a cross between Lethal Weapon and a doggo take on The Hangover, Max is a macho Rottweiler police dog who’s ordered to go undercover as a show dog alongside human partner Frank at a Vegas dog show. Their mission? Bring down nefarious animal smugglers, who’ve just nabbed a baby panda.

With voices from the likes of Ludacris, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming and Shaquille O’Neal there’s certainly some interesting casting going on. Meanwhile, director Raja Gosnell has previous woofer experience, having helmed two Scooby-Doo flicks, as well as the original Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Show Dogs will be unleashed into Aussie cinemas on September 13. Here’s a taste…

Take home Beverly Hills Chihuahua from JB Hi-Fi.