Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were pretty much the original comic double act, ruling the comedic roost from the 1920s through to the 1940s. Now it’s time for a biopic – and some incredible casting.

The photo above isn’t actually them, although you could be forgiven for believing that it is. It’s actually American John C. Reilly as American big man Hardy, and Englishman Steve Coogan as English thin man Laurel. Yep, Dewey Cox and Alan Partridge, together at last!

When you compare it to the actual pair (below) the resemblance via makeup and such is uncanny.

Laurel and Hardy

As for the actual biopic in which Reilly and Coogan star as the pair, it’s called Stan & Ollie, and tells the story of the pair’s triumphant farewell tour through post-war Britain.

While we await an Australian release date, Stan & Ollie is set for a UK cinematic outing in January 2019, after it closes the BFI London Film Festival on October 21.