The reboot of Hellboy – which has kicked out the great god Ron Perlman for a new horny red bloke in Stranger Things’ David Harbour – has landed itself a villain.

As reported by Deadline, sci-fi queen Milla Jovovich – aka the Resident Evil series’ Alice, of course – has done the dotted line thing and is crossing over to the dark side, to play a character known as the Blood Queen. As the reboot has been known as Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, her character reveal doesn’t come as any sort of gobsmacking surprise.

What may surprise some though is that there’s no character known as the Blood Queen in the comic book series of Hellboy – although let’s face it, the Queen of Blood comes kind of close. Maybe she’s just decided to go for a name snappiness makeover? Maybe the ‘f’ key is dodgy on her keyboard? Whatever, if it is indeed this character that Milla will be playing, we can look forward to her getting some seriously powerful witch’s britches on as the Arthurian era villainess.

Meanwhile, Ian McShane (American Gods) also stars, as the big red guy’s adoptive daddy Professor Broom, while Neil Marshall will be directing. He has a bunch of great TV on his directorial CV, including episodes of Westworld, Black Sails, Constantine, Hannibal and Game of Thrones as well as movies such as Dog Soldiers and The Descent.

In the absence of any new footage, let’s say hello again to the Right Hand of Doom as portrayed by Ron Perlman…

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