You know Bruce the shark from Jaws? He was a tiddler compared to the fishy star of The Meg, which features Jason Statham taking on a gargantuan 23-metre prehistoric shark.

Hey, if we were faced with such a threat we’d pick Jase to take it on and save our bottoms!

He plays expert sea diver and naval captain Jonas Taylor, who was attacked by “The Meg”, losing half his crew. That wasn’t all that he lost, as when he claimed he’d been attacked by this massive sea creature his credibility went out the window, along with his job and his marriage. Years later he must face his big (literally) fear and take on the Carcharodon Megalodon – the largest marine predator that ever existed – in order to save his ex-wife and companions, whose submersible lies broken at the bottom of the ocean thanks to the dino-shark.

Cool, so it’s kind of like Die Hard underwater!

Based on the best-selling book by Steve Alten, The Meg also stars Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, Page Kennedy, Jessica McNamee, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Robert Taylor, Sophia Shuya Cai, Masi Oka and Cliff Curtis.

We can’t wait for this one, but we’ll have to sit tight until August 16, when The Meg launches in Australian cinemas.