Upcoming flick The Happytime Murders certainly looks intriguing, in that it’s basically an adults-only puppet tale.

Yes, joining a small number of entries in the field such as Team America and Meet the Feebles comes this puppetified tale of a 1980s TV cast who are being targeted by a killer. You see, while puppets coexist with humans, they are hated by society and considered inferior. Puppet P.I. Phil Philips reunites with his human ex-partner Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) to track down the serial killer, who murdered Phil’s brother and is now targeting the other members of The Happytime Gang.

Other humans in the movie include Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone.

If it looks like the much-loved works of Jim Henson then you’re on the right track, as The Jim Henson Company are actually behind the puppets.

Not surprisingly, some have had their noses put out of joint (which, of course, can easily be Velcroed back on if you’re a puppet) by this raunchy and black comedic tale. Mind you, using the tag “No Sesame, all Street” was kind of asking for it. Still, the producers won a case that The Children’s Television Workshop brought against them for trademark infringement. Talk about a sympathetic judge!

Anyway, the video that we present as evidence today goes “behind the scenes” to give insight into The Happytime Gang’s speedy fall from grace. This really is no kiddie puppet show.

The Happytime Murders opens in Australian cinemas on August 23.