It’s the end of the world, but not as we know it. Anything goes in American Horror Story, and the eighth season, Apocalypse, is a crossover of the events and characters of season one’s Murder House and season three’s Coven

This means the return of Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, the creepy Rubber Man, and other characters from their respective earlier story arcs. In the show’s usual genius casting, Joan Collins is also onboard, and Stevie Nicks will be back with her Coven pals. Sarah Paulson is playing three characters this time, one of which is running Outpost 3, which is definitely no safe haven for the survivors of this particular armageddon.

American Horror Story was recently renewed for a 10th season, and season seven, Cult, will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray in October. Catch up now at JB Hi-Fi.