We didn’t know it at the time, but 1993 turned out to be a landmark year for games releases, with ground-breaking franchises launched that survive and thrive to this day. There were also several new consoles launched into an already busy market…

Game Changers! DOOM

While 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D is considered ground zero for the modern first-person shooter – or FPS – the daddy of them all launched the following year. It was ominously titled DOOM, and enrolled the player as a space marine, tasked with protecting everybody’s behinds from hordes of marauding demons from Hell. It eventually released on most systems – including the Super Nintendo, with the graphics-boosting 1993 invention the Super FX chip inside – and has since been played (unofficially) on such devices as printers, calculators, ATMs and even a pregnancy test.

Game Changers! Atari Jaguar

It was still very much a case of SEGA vs Nintendo in the console space in ’93, but that didn’t stop others from wanting in on the action. Old hands at the console game Atari thought that their new Jaguar was a guaranteed success with its 64-bit heart, but between a lack of games and a controller that was hard to love, it went much the same way as two other new systems, Commodore’s Amiga-based CD32, and the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (to give its full name). This one tanked despite backing from big-name manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar (now known as LG).

Game Changers! FIFA
With continual improvements in hardware technology, sports games were a genre that really benefitted. 1993 saw the launch of EA Sports’ FIFA International Soccer on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, and it went on to appear on almost every format you could ever name, and has been an annual player ever since. Meanwhile, basketball riff NBA Jam hit the arcades with a satisfying “Boomshakalaka!” all-time top five grossing slam dunk, while it was kept company by the car nirvana of Ridge Racer, which would quite soon come home, to serious gasps of awe…