Yes, adventurer extraordinaire Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, who does all sorts of stuff that we’d never even contemplate, is getting his own theme park in the UK.

The Bear Grylls Adventure will be coming to the Birmingham NEC (a giant exhibition centre) as a permanent fixture late next year, featuring 8,000 square metres of everything from indoor skydiving, deep-sea diving and ice climbing to what will apparently be the highest free-roam high ropes in Europe – including a zipline from a Chinook helicopter. Eep!

We might just take the basecamp option, where visitors can undertake all manner of physical and mental challenges.

Hmm, then again maybe we’ll just hang out in the coffee shop. But if we get even the slightest whiff of goat testicle muffins, we’re the heck out of the joint.

Meanwhile, it seems that Mr Grylls really is fond of risk, as The Telegraph reports that the adventure park is smack bang in the middle of a planned rail link. If that gets the final go ahead, ol’ Bear’s gonna have to do some big ol’ shufflin’.

Sorry, we’ve no idea why we went all ‘g’ droppin’ there.

Anyway, if you think that you have what it takes to be a Bear-like adventure boss, check out the following video and see how you feel afterwards. Warning: it’s highly icky…

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