The Greasy Strangler, the cult sensation that grossed out Sundance, will shock and delight Australian audiences in a series of special event screenings after closing Monster Fest 2016. 

The stars of the film, Michael St. Michael and Sky Elobar, will headline a nationwide Greasy Down Under Tour that kicks off late November, with selected sessions to feature Greasy Q&As and Greasy Galas.

The twisted tale of demented father/son duo Big Ronnie (Michael) and Big Brayden (Elobar) and a grease-covered serial killer, The Greasy Strangler is the kind of movie that Monster Pictures has built its reputation on – a  gross-out cult classic to rank alongside Street Trash and The Toxic Avenger.

Monster Pictures recently invited a group of “everyday Australians” to view the film, which elicited the following reactions [language warning]…

So lard up and get ready for some gratuitous nudity, disco, gore, flatulence, hot pink turtlenecks, and of course greasy strangling, at the following locations:

MELBOURNE: Sunday November 27 – Lido Cinemas (Monster Fest Closing Film)
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BALLARAT: Wednesday November 30 – Regent Cinemas
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HOBART: Thursday December 1 – State Cinema (Mini Monster Fest Opening Film)
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ADELAIDE: Friday December 2 – Piccadilly Cinemas
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BRISBANE: Saturday December 3 – New Farm Cinemas
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SYDNEY: Sunday December 4th – Dendy Newtown (A Night of Horror Film Festival Closing Film) On Sale Soon