In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, STACK salutes ten movie mums. They may traverse a diverse range of genres and eras, but their love, dedication, and commitment to motherhood remains constant.

A man’s home is his castle, even if it is a ramshackle eyesore built next to an airport runway. But it’s also a woman’s castle, as Anne Tenney’s perky mum of-four Sal Kerrigan proves in this comic treasure about a working-class Melbourne family fighting City Hall after their beloved family home is condemned under compulsory acquisition.

If Sal’s hapless hubby Darryl (Michael Caton) gets all the best lines, then it’s his wife who reminds us that behind every blowhard there’s a mother in the kitchen serving chicken casserole out of the freezer. If the Kerrigans hark back to a less sophisticated era then Sal remains a mother we can all recognise, supporting her family with simple comforts.

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