In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, STACK salutes ten movie mums. They may traverse a diverse range of genres and eras, but their love, dedication, and commitment to motherhood remains constant.

It took becoming a mother in real life for Scarlett Johansson to deliver all the humour, strength and patience she imagined it might take to raise a boy during World War II. In describing his award-winning film as a love letter to his own mother and single parents everywhere, director Taika Waititi found his dream screen mum in Johansson.

Striking just the right balance as Jojo’s quirky single mum Rosie, Johansson recently told STACK, “She is emotionally responsible and isn’t sheltering him. She is teaching him to be empathetic and compassionate. I think you have to give your kids a healthy dose of reality so that can actually happen.” As funny and gorgeous IRL as she is on screen, Scarlett Johansson is the real heart of this movie.

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