It’s the stuff of Star Wars legend, and when Solo: A Star Wars Story hits we’ll get to see the game of Sabacc that led to the papers for the Millennium Falcon changing hands. Or, you can watch it now.

First up, it contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS. That’s probably obvious, but we’d rather make sure that you’re onto it.

Secondly, sit through the initial part in the cinema in boring 360º until after the Lucasfilm logo. That’s when the not-boring 360º fun begins.

Thirdly, Solo: A Star Wars Story raids Aussie cinemas on May 24.

Fourthly, in other Sabacc news, a legal bun fight has started over the fictional card game. In a nutshell (help, help, etc), late last year Lucasfilm sued a mobile developer for trademark and copyright infringement and unfair competition in their marketing of a Sabacc game. Despite the hefty Death Star-like might of Disney and Lucasfilm, the developer decided to fight back and is suing them for trademark infringement, trying to ban them from using the term that they actually coined, “Sabacc”. Grab some popcorn, as this one could be entertaining.

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