WWE Studios presents this exciting new action thriller Interrogation that’ll leave viewers on the ‘Edge’ of their seat.

The 91-minute cat and mouse tale sees WWE legend Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland take on the role of Lucas Nolan, an interrogator working for the FBI, alongside WWE star Lana playing computer tech Becky.

Despite going through many struggles as a child, Lucas Nolan grows up to be a highly skilled agent who demonstrates his unusual memorisation talent to unarm an assailant by learning his shooting and reload time.

His skills, however, are to be tested again. Upon returning to headquarters, a mysterious gentleman sets off a bomb and informs our hero there will be more lethal explosions activated. A series of riddles need to be resolved for the team to locate and disconnect the potentially fatal devices.

Featuring a ring full of explosions, car chases, fight scenes and gun battles, Interrogation delivers exactly what you’d expect.

Words by Louis Hull.

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