Steven Soderbergh and Hiyao Miyazaki aren’t the only filmmakers to come out of retirement of late. Horror master John Carpenter is also going back to work and will direct the pilot episode of the still-in-development anthology series Tales for a Halloween Night.

Having already given us the greatest Halloween night tale of all time in his 1978 horror classic, this won’t be a stretch for Carpenter, whose last feature was the disappointing The Ward in 2010.

The director’s previous venture into terrorvision was Masters of Horror (2005-06), of which he helmed two episodes – Cigarette Burns and Pro-Life.

Having since traded filmmaking for music-making, touring and performing his distinctive electronic sound and scores from his cult films, Carpenter recently shot an “official music video” for his reworked Christine score, which appears to have ignited a renewed interest in directing.

Expect to see Tales fora Halloween Night around this time next year, we hope.