The cult legend that is Joss Whedon took to Facebook in a live Q&A to talk about his viral Save The Day video, voting, and how cool he is… but mostly how cool he is. Here are the highlights from the feed.

1. The actors who appeared in the Save The Day PSA were reimbursed in pride and he “couldn’t really meet [Robert] Downey’s quote” for the video.

2. Much to Joss’s dismay, he notified Mark Ruffalo about the ‘Full Monty’ joke pre-filming. He however did still hold some concerns with true Ruffalo bashfulness, with Whedon reenacting: “I dunno, nobody wants to see this, I don’t think anybody wants to see *mumbling*… you couldn’t get [Chris] Evans?!”

3. He would like to see Hawkeye as president, because unlike every other Avenger, he isn’t disconnected from the real world. “There’s a man who is grounded. He not only has family values, but he has a family. An actual family. He interacts with human people in a normal way. He has children he wants to protect.”

4. Joss believes Tony Stark was right in Civil War. Although he would choose Cap to be in the Oval Office over Stark because “power will drive him mad sooner or later.”

5. Someone asked him what it would take for Robert Downey Jr. to do a nude scene and he replied, “The movies I have of him I promised I wouldn’t show, so I can’t help you there. He is a virtuous man, a kind man, a clothed man.”

6. A “bag of orange heat wind” is how he kindly described Donald Trump.

7. He has the “man crush of all time” on Stanley Tucci. “He is so swauve and so kind and so cool,” Joss drooled. He also proudly told Tucci that he wrote most of his dialogue in Captain America: The First Avenger.


8. He compares voting to Game of Thrones because “you get to choose who goes on the throne and guess what? One of them is… not okay.”

9. When asked what world leader he would like to invite to San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H, he replied “obviously Justin Trudeau because we know he would do boss cosplay.”

10. He’s excited for the Gilmore Girls reboot, however he is not thinking about bringing any of his own properties back at this point in time. But he hints that after this vote, he will maybe write something that he hasn’t already written.

New Joss stuff?! We’re always down for that!

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