It’s a big month for animals that can speak, with Dolittle bounding home. We’re suckers for animals that can verbalise how they’re feeling, so rather than deciding to do little, we spent some time putting together this list of some favourite talking creature movies!

Isle of Dogs

This incredible stop motion animated film from Wes Anderson revolves around a full-on outbreak of dog flu that’s hit the Japanese city of Megasaki. As such, all animals of the canine persuasion have been banished to Trash Island. One young boy, Atari, isn’t standing for this, and sets off to rescue his pet dog Spots, eventually with the help of some other four-legged friends.

Wes Anderson on making this ground breaking crowd pleaser.

Best quote:“I bite.” – Chief

AGE: 9+

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Penguins of Madagascar

Admit it – they were the real stars of the Madagascar flicks, right? An origin story, we find out how Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private first got together, and watch their transition from frozen tundra inhabitants through to international masters of espionage. Come for the ace penguins and stay for the brilliantly woeful actor name puns from diabolical dude Dave!

Best quote:“Private, Dibble me.” – Skipper

AGE: 6+

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The Muppets

Jim Henson’s marvellous fuzzy creations have entranced kids (of all ages) for years, and this new movie outing from 2011 brought all their magic back to the big screen. With the Muppet Theater under threat, a super-fan sets out to track down the now split up troupe in order to have them put on a show to save their spiritual home from an evil oil mogul (Boo! Hiss!).

Best quote:“In control…” – Animal

AGE: 5+

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The Secret Life of Pets

Every pet owner knows it, their fluffy (or otherwise) friends have distinct personalities – and we’ve all wondered just what they’re thinking at times. Here we get to listen in, from doggy star Max through to his neighbourhood pals and the pets that owners left behind, like revolutionary bunny Snowball who’s hell-bent on wreaking revenge on humankind.

Best quote:“Max, come on. I’m your friend, OK, and as your friend I gotta be honest with you – I don’t care about you or your problems.” – Chloe the cat

AGE: 7+

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An emotionally-charged animated Pixar feature that can easily set the tear ducts flowing early on, comic – and cute – relief comes via the arrival of adorable golden retriever Dug, as dreamer Carl and plucky scout Russell go adventuring. Not only is he a good dog, Dug can also speak via an invention from his missing owner, and this leads to many interes- SQUIRREL!!!

Best quote:“My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you.” – Dug the dog

AGE: 6+

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