Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts certainly isn’t a shy little thing. A while back he offered to help write an honest trailer for his monster movie. Now he’s delivered with not only a script, but also his own (expletive-riddled) commentary.

We’re not sure whether he’ll ever work in Hollywood again after this, but hey – respect to the man for his courage!

It’s certainly an interesting take on the Honest Trailers formula that Screen Junkies have established, where usually the filmmaker doesn’t get – and likely wouldn’t want – a look-in on their often savage breakdowns.

But we don’t think that they’ve ever wielded a hatchet to the same degree that Vogt-Roberts does here.

So, what does the director have to say? We’ll leave you to savour his animated helicopter defence for yourselves, but here are a couple of choice tastes…

Kong: Skull Island

“I love film criticism, it’s an important part of this artform,” says Vogt-Roberts. “But you wanna know who my biggest critic is? Me. You wanna know everything f-cking wrong with Kong: Skull Island? I will f-cking tell you!”

“Try to enjoy a movie with major structural problems, that spends the whole first act bringing its cast together, only to split everyone apart 10 minutes later,” he continues. “Meet great human characters like John C. Reilly, then meet more human characters and more and more, because most contemporary blockbusters have too many characters and most of them should have been cut or consolidated. But hey, I’m the director, that’s on me. It’s a movie that takes some of our best and most talented working actors and gives them nothing that even resembles an arc.”

Enjoy! (BTW, regardless of myriad plot holes, Kong: Skull Island is a great fun big dumb action watch – plus it looks and sounds incredible on 4K Ultra HD.)

Oh yes, in case you hadn’t gathered thus far, there’s a big red LANGUAGE ALERT for this one!

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