The Hemsworth brother who isn’t Chris or Liam, Luke (who likely hates us now for this intro), has potentially delivered a major blow to USA-to-Australia tourism with the tale of a spider encounter.

Appearing on James Corden’s The Late Late Show to promote the second season of Westworld, the eldest Hemsworth sibling told the story of a giant huntsman (we think, we’re not arachnologists, more runtheflickawayatthesightofaspiderologists) confrontation, whereby the hairy too-many-legged creature took up residence in his boardies… While he was off surfing.

How bloody Aussie is that paragraph, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate?!

Anyway, as Luke played it up for all it was worth, he totally freaked the dickens out of guests Christina Hendricks and Abigail Spencer, not to mention Corden. Well played, Mr Hemsworth!

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