STACK favourite Michael Shannon is often cast as a wacko – but he will be playing an FBI man in Waco, an upcoming TV mini-series about the notorious 1993 siege of a religious cult in Texas.

Shannon – who also plays a lawman in the acclaimed Nocturnal Animals, which opens in cinemas next month – will take on the role of lead negotiator Gary Noesner, while Taylor Kitsch has been cast as David Koresh, the sinister head of the Branch Davidians sect.

The tragic events of the siege have previously inspired a number of TV movies, the best known of which is probably In the Line of Duty: Ambush at Waco (1993), which got a rental release here. However, the new six part – which is being produced by Weinstein Television– promises to be a bigger budget affair.

Waco will be written and directed by John Erick and Dew Dowdle (No Escape) and will go into production next year.