On September 20 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and left a horrific trail of death and destruction. While some in power seem to care little, The Simpsons seem to care a lot.

Or, more specifically, local tavern proprietor Moe Szyslak. In a video released over the weekend, he took time from answering prank phone calls and lusting after “Midge” Simpson to release a short video in support of Puerto Rican relief efforts – and put Barney’s bar tab to great use.

San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has thanked Moe for his support via Twitter:

With a death toll that stands at 55 – and that’s most likely to go up from there – things are grim, and any help is being gratefully received.

Here’s Moe’s message…

Should you wish to donate, United for Puerto Rico is a good place to start.