The next Limited Edition Blu-ray box set in the ongoing collection of classic Doctor Who seasons is the second to feature Jon Pertwee’s Doctor.

Originally broadcast in 1971, Season 8 sees the introduction of the Doctor’s Time Lord nemesis, The Master – who features in all five stories – and groovy new companion Jo Grant. Those creepy plastic mannequins return in Terror of the Autons; the Master plans to nuke a peace conference in The Mind of Evil; the vampiric Axons attempt to suck the lifeforce from Earth in The Claws of Axos; the third Doctor makes his first trip to an alien world in Colony in Space; and the Master raises hell in The Daemons – considered by fans to be one of the finest stories of the Pertwee era.

All the featurettes, documentaries and commentaries from the DVD releases have been collated for this release along with brand new bonus features exclusive to this set, including optional updated special effects for Terror of the Autons; Katy Manning in conversation with Matthew Sweet; a fond retrospective on beloved Doctor Who writer, script editor and author Terrence Dicks; 5.1 surround audio on Terror of the Autons and The Daemons;  an extended edit of The Claws of Axos Episode One under its original title, The Vampire from Space; and a 90-minute movie edit of The Daemons, unseen since its original broadcast.

There is also a special mini-episode, Return of the Autons, to promote the Season 8 Collection, which you can watch right now:

Doctor Who: The Collection Season 8 Limited Edition will be available from May 26 while stocks last. Pre-order your copy now